Sun Compass

Sun Compass 1.8

Compass for Palm based on the relative position of the sun

This program is a compass for Palm handhelds. All you have to do, is to setup your home city by selecting it from the list. If your hometown is not available just select one nearby.

After knowing the geographic position (longitude and latitude) and the timezone (difference to the GMT Standard Time) the program calculates the direction of the sun and displays a yellow circle (sun symbol) on the display.

Sun Compass


Sun Compass 1.8

User reviews about Sun Compass

  • paul1684

    by paul1684


    I need a registration number for the program. I had on, but cannot find it. I tried to log into the page you listed f...   More.

  • mvcm

    by mvcm

    "Falta opção para entrar coordenadas precisas."

    Interessante, mas só trabalha com as coordenadas das cidades cadastradas. Não permite entrar com as coordenadas de s...   More.

  • trace90

    by trace90

    "Interesting but not serious"

    This is like a portable sun compass, but it should not be relied on. You need to know your exact position for it to w...   More.